Oris Returns to the “Cotton Candy” with a Sepia Tinged Divers Sixty-Five

There’s been a flurry of Oris news over the last few weeks, between the ProPilot X Laser and their collaboration with Collective Horology on a sunbaked Divers Sixty-Five. A third new release, timed to coincide with Dubai Watch Week, has flown a bit under the radar. It’s another Divers Sixty-Five, and it technically falls under the popular “Cotton Candy” umbrella, which until this point featured dials clad in pastel shades. This execution, however, is darker in tone. The Divers Sixty-Five Date Cotton Candy Sepia is, on the surface, a much more traditional execution of the vintage inspired diver than the brand’s output as of late, and it slots in nicely with its more adventurous candy colored siblings. 


The Cotton Candy Sepia’s name would seem to come from a generally old-fashioned vibe that the watch is giving off. Instead of pairing the bronze case and bracelet with fun, spring-like colors, the dial here is black, which when matched to the bronze case puts out a decidedly different energy. Dial accents are in matching bronze as well, including the Oris wordmark. It provides another example of the chameleon-like nature of the Divers Sixty-Five. A simple skin diver at its core, it can express any kind of aesthetic that is scaled over it, which Collective proved with their recent collaboration. Here, the Sepia is playing up the watch’s original vintage inspiration, particularly when one considers how the case and bracelet are likely to patina over time. 

I reviewed the original run of Cotton Candy watches back when they debuted in the spring of 2021, and my favorite thing about those pieces is held over to this new release: the case. The 38mm diameter is absolutely perfect for a watch like this, and at 12mm thick they wear incredibly well. The bracelet is also incredibly well tapered and makes you think of those jangly old vintage bracelets without putting a worry in your mind about structural integrity. If the original bronze Cotton Candies were a little too loud or youthful, this Sepia version is going to be worth taking a look at. 

The Cotton Candy Sepia runs on the Oris 733 movement, a rebadged Sellita with a date at the 6:00 position. That keeps the price down compared to watches featuring the brand’s manufacture caliber – the retail price of the Cotton Candy Sepia is $3,000 (or $2,650 if you prefer to keep it on the rubber strap). Oris

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