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Explore Warmer Latitudes with Serica’s New 8315-2 Travel Chronometer

Serica Watches continue to impress, leveling up their commitment to both precision and design with the release of a new color variation for their Travel Chronometer 8315.

Serica’s aesthetics have long been very monochromatic, putting the emphasis on a strong, purpose-driven design language, before anything else. With this new reference 8315-2, the brand brings warmer tones to their previously black and white GMT watch. The new color of this release is named Desert Red, after the famous sandstone and red dunes of the Sahara, blending organic hues of browns, red, gold, and even green.

Like on the original Ref. 8315, the traditional two-tone 24h bezel is divided in two, with highly visual am/pm and day/night indicators. The asymmetrical division of the bezel also greatly improves readability while adding personality and uniqueness to the design. But the new Ref. 8315-2 is not just a color twist, it also introduces new Serica’s optional integrated end-links and a unique rubber strap design.

If integrated end-links have long won the heart of watch, enthusiasts, it is for good reasons. When done right, they indeed seamlessly blend the strap with the case, turning the sports watch into an elegant piece of jewelry for heavy duty. This is precisely what Serica offers here, extending the vertical guilloché pattern of the bezel’s edge on these end links. A bold new signature for the independent french brand, soon to become available on all references.

Their new rubber strap collection is also very unique, both in regards to its design and manufacturing process. Named Serica Sport, it retains the good looks of their thin and heavy tapered leather straps (20-14mm), with the added durability and water- resistance of rubber. Nearly 2 years of R&D and countless samples were necessary to develop this ideal injected rubber compound, one that is equally supple and resistant, allowing Serica to manufacture a strap that is both thin and extremely comfortable, yet very durable.

Regardless of your travel plans this holiday season, Serica’s new shade of GMT is a strong pick, definitely inspiring a very unique kind of elegance within the crowded world of GMT watches. The Ref. 8315 Travel Chronometer is available in the Serica shop for pre-order starting around $2,055.49.


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